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5 Easy Steps to Apply


Step 1: Choosing Your Academic Program

Selecting the right degree plan is a key step in ensuring a smooth admissions process and a successful educational experience. Many students come to us unsure of which program to choose and where to begin. Our Admissions Representatives can help you make this important decision. To speak with an Admissions Representative on our Contact Us Page!


Step 2: Completing the Online Application for Admission

Complete and submit the online application for admission. There is $150 application fee. You will be asked to give us information about your previous educational experiences, so make sure you have the names of your previous colleges and the dates of attendance close at hand before you begin. You will also declare your academic program. 


Step 3: Completing Your Orientation

Complete orientation. During orientation, you'll learn about our academic and financial policies and your rights as a student. By the time you've completed the orientation you'll be admitted to our Bible College!


Step 4: Submitting Your Documentation

Welcome aboard! Your next step is to submit all necessary documentation. All documents are due within 2 weeks from the start date of your first course registration.


Step 5: Registering for Your Courses

Register for courses ONLINE!

Emphasis / Track (each student may choose one of the two)

-Congregational Ministry Track (4 courses) (For details,  CONTACT SCHOOL)

-Family & Youth Ministry Track (4 courses) (For details, CONTACT SCHOOL)


Electives (optional)

Hebrew I & II

The goal and purpose of this class is to teach the student how to use the tools necessary to do research that will enhance the understanding of the Old Testament text. The student will learn how to write, read, and pronounce the Hebrew letters. This class meets every morning for two terms (August-December). Most of the time is spent in learning rules of grammar leading up to reading the Hebrew text with the help of the Hebrew lexicon.

Beginning Sign Language I & II

Introduction to communication with the Deaf

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