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Family & Youth Track


Our mission is to bring glory to God through enabling ministry leaders and workers to possess the knowledge and practical skills to build and strengthen each household within the local church. Will YOU prepare to minister in the vital area of family and youth?

Within the context of the SXTEEN MONTH program of BTI’S Bible Institute, there are four sequential terms of study offered to second year students focused on Family and Youth Ministry. These studies are intended to broaden practical ministry abilities as students are engaged in the textual studies of the two-year program.

Through the Family and Youth Ministry track of classes, students are trained to reach the family with the gospel and facilitate parents and children to live within God’s unique design for family discipleship. Spiritually strong families energize the local church with their willingness to engage the world with God’s love and truth. These family-based youth ministry studies offer the full or part time student, volunteer worker, or parents the training to make an eternal difference in the families of their church and community.


Term One: Family and Youth Ministry Foundations

The foundation to family and youth ministry is a clear definition and application of Biblical teachings regarding the family and its symbiotic relationship with the church. During this course, we will explore the development of a Biblical Christian world view as contrasted with the popular Western world views of secular humanism, Marxism, New Age, Islam, and Postmodernism. A historical overview of youth ministry and an introductory study of the basic principles of family-based ministry will set the stage for the courses that follow.

Term Two: Family and Youth Ministry Frameworks

The structure and context of family-based ministry will be defined and examined during the second term of study. A strategy for facilitation of family-based ministry within the background of present culture will be presented using Biblical guidelines for the "household". Most importantly, the relationship between the church and family will be appraised with the goal of understanding how we must actively integrate families – and especially our children – into the body of Christ.

Term Three: Family and Youth Ministry Toolbox


This study will examine the "tools" provided by Scripture to impact the family and the church – and ultimately, our world. The significance of family based education, evangelism, service, and missions will be explored in practical discussions – along with the presentation of related resources and materials. Students will learn to create holistic curriculum that provides guidance for all ages to experience spiritual growth.

Term Four: Family and Youth Ministry Administration

The function of the minister in regard to operational procedures, planning structures, working relationship with church leaders, and the practical integration of family and youth into the church are key elements to effective ministry. A practical approach that harmonizes a Biblical “job description” and church expectations will be considered in this study.

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