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Confident Preaching

Practical approach to confident, bold, enthusiastic, and sincere speaking by use of short, personal topics.

Interpretive Reading

Practical approach to reading scriptures effectively.

Topical Preaching

Research and presentation of select topics from scriptures.

Effective Teaching I & II

Practical approach to speaking compellingly in a classroom setting.

Introduction to Homiletics

Development of the ability of logical thought and recognizing false concepts.

Preaching from the Old Testament

Development and presentation of sermons from the Old Testament. Emphasis on narrative approach and using O.T. text to a N.T. reference for authoritative Christian use.

Preaching from the Epistles

Emphasis placed on preaching from a short text and a series of sermons from one of the Epistles, striving for proper balance between Biblical exegesis and practical application.

Special Events Preaching

Development and presentation of sermons for weddings and funerals, and instructor assistance in ministering at such times.

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