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Academics At School


The academic program at Bethea Theological Bible College places an emphasis on every aspect of our student’s growth and development. We take advantage of the natural curiosity children possess by having our teachers present new information in creative ways whereby students learn through exploring and understanding using their own emotions and experiences.

Our general curriculum includes a variety of challenging courses that meet or exceed state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow Bethea Theological Bible College to offer an intimate and inclusive educational environment, while also ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.


Our Classes

Bethea Theological Bible College provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. In every class, our teachers emphasize the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity to prepare our students to live intelligent, thoughtful, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Please see our current course offerings below.


The SIXTEEN MONTH Program is BBC’S main program of training. Throughout the SIXTEEN MONTHS of training and study, students participate in a rich array of classes, from textual study to spiritual enrichment to ministry application. This training is rigorous, providing in just SIXTEEN MONTHS the same number of class hours that would require four or more years to complete at a typical college pace. This training is also deeply rewarding, launching students into a lifetime of growth and ministry.

This page outlines the core curriculum of courses for the main SIXTEEN MONTH ministry training program at BBC In addition to the courses listed below, each student will choose an area of emphasis, called a track, consisting of four additional, specialized courses in that area of ministry. These track courses are listed and described on their respective track.

Admissions and Enrollment

Admission to  Bethea Institute of Biblical is based upon the character, ability and motivation to satisfactory Complete academic requirement of the Institute. It also depends on the call to ministry and moral character of the individual.

Students must maintain personal integrity and respect for those of other Christian faiths groups.also for spiritual growth and readiness to accept correction if needed for full potential.

The school dose not discriminate on basic of race, sex, color, nationality, religion or ethnic origin.this school is dedicated to promoting Cristian education. Students can earn a certificate or diploma in Biblical studies. The school is open to Pastors, Ministers Evangelist, Male Female, Laypersons, Decons, Sunday School Teachers and all others.

Be prepared for your ministry. One planteth  another waterth and God giveth the create. Come and sow the mustard seed. School Scripture 2 Tim: 2:15 . Study to she's thyself approval unto God. A workman that needeth not be ashamed rightly diving the Word of truth.

School president and founder-Dr.John W Bethea

School Registrar- Mary Bethea

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